Does Opinion Seekers Accept Members From All Countries?
We currently accept members residing in The United States, Canada and The United Kingdom.

How Am I Paid – Redemption Options?
Opinion Seekers currently pays cash for successful completion of market research studies. All of our members are compensated by check issued by the company on the first Thursday of the month after you complete, and we have confirmed your completion of the study.

How Much Do I Get Paid?
While each study is setup differently and therefore you can expect to receive a differing amount all of our study’s pay a minimum of $25 with some paying as much as $450. The average is $75-$125 for a 90 minute study.

Does Opinion Seekers Require Any Personal Information?
Opinion Seekers does NOT require you to provide any personal information such as telephone number, mailing address and will never ask you to provide banking/credit card information. However, there may be times when a specific study will require this information in order for you to successfully complete the study. Your participation in every one of our study’s is completely voluntarily, meaning you may choose not to participate in any given study if you are uncomfortable providing any personal information requested of you. Further, your decision not to participate in any given study will NOT affect your continued membership in Opinion Seekers.

Why Am I Being Asked To Provide Information I’ve Already Answered?
Opinion Seekers does not actually design and program any of the study’s you are invited to participate in. Rather, our clients provide us with the questions that we send to our panel members. Unfortunately, our client’s study’s may require you to answer a few demographic questions which you have already provided Opinion Seekers during your registration. Further, some basic questions are used to validate your overall study responses and ensure that we are constantly providing our clients with the highest quality data. For example, if you have told us that you are an education professional during registration, but state that you are a doctor within one of our client study’s, it will trigger a flag causing your study responses to be further reviewed and potentially have your account with us removed. Therefore, it is always important that you read each question carefully and answer honestly, even if you’ve already been asked this question in the past. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but know that critical to ensuring our ability to send you as many study’s for which you may qualify as possible.

Why Am I Not Qualifying For Study’s?
Unfortunately, not everyone who starts a study will qualify and successfully complete it. There are times when your answers do not meet the criteria needed for a particular study. Your eligibility is determined by several questions at the beginning of the study. Typically, these couple of questions, will determine your eligibility and only eligible members of Opinion Seekers will be able to complete the study and receive their reward. In addition, many participants may be attempting the same study as you and therefore the study is filled quickly.

Can I Improve My Chances Of Receiving & Successfully Completing Study’s?
Yes! In order to improve your chances of receiving a paid market research study invitation as well as increasing the likelihood of you qualifying, you should ensure your personal Profile is as complete as possible. Opinion Seekers uses the information provided within your Profile to match you with various paid market research studies for which you may qualify. The more complete your Profile, the greater your opportunity at being invited to participate in paid market research studies.

How Long Do Your Study’s Actually Take To Complete?
On average, our study’s will take between 15 and 90 minutes to complete. However, on occasion you may receive study opportunities which take only a minute or two or up to 120 minutes to complete. While Opinion Seekers will do its absolute best to state upfront in your invitation email the predicted study length, a variety of factors may affect how long it actually takes you to complete any given study. Your actual computer hardware and software, the time of day you attempt the study, and how many other panel members are taking the study at the same time as you, can all affect the actual length of time it takes you to complete a study. Unfortunately, this may extend a bit beyond the length of time stated in your invitation email. If at any time, you believe you have spent upwards of twice the stated length of a particular study, you should contact Opinion Seekers at 800.863.1935.

How Does Opinion Seeker’s Referral Program Work?
Opinion Seekers will reward you with $15 for EACH new member that registers with us, completes a study and lets us know that they were referred by you. Referring someone is as simple as sharing our signup page. They last field allows your referrals to list your name and telephone number. Every week we check to see who referred people for that weeks completed study’s and send you your payment if it is you.

How do I ensure I never miss a study invitation?
To ensure you never miss an email invitation from us, you should add recruit@opinionseekers.com to your personal email’s trusted or safe sender list.

To safely add recruit@opinionseekers.com via Gmail:
1.) Click Gmail dropdown in the upper left hand corner of your screen
2.) Click Contacts
3.) Click the New Contact link in the upper left hand corner of your screen
4.) In the Email box, enter recruiting@opinionseekers.com and then hit your Enter key

To safely add recruit@opinionseekers.com via Yahoo:
1.) Click the Contacts tab
2.) Click + New Contact in the upper left hand corner of your screen
3.) In the Email box, enter recruiting@opinionseekers.com and then click Save

To safely add recruit@opinionseekers.com via Outlook:
If you are using Outlook 2010:
1.) On the Home tab of the ribbon, click the dropdown arrow next to Junk
2.) Select Junk Email Options
3.) Click the Safe Senders tab
4.) Click Add
5.) In the Enter an e-mail address box, enter recruiting@opinionseekers.com and then click OK

If you are using a previous version of Outlook:
1.) On the Tools menu, click Options
2.) On the Preferences tab, under E-mail, click Junk E-mail
3.) Click the Safe Senders tab
4.) Click Add
5.) In the Enter an e-mail address box, enter recruit@opinionseekers.com and then click OK


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